Study Team

Study Team

The Northeast Industrial Access Planning Study is a collaboration between the Iowa Northland Regional Council of Governments, City of Evansdale, City of Elk Run Heights, City of Raymond, City of Waterloo, Black Hawk County and the Iowa DOT.

The study team will rely on community engagement to help develop long-term, practical solutions for the future of the Northeast Industrial Access Corridor. Stakeholders and the general public will have several opportunities to ask questions and offer feedback through open meetings and surveys, or by contacting us through this website.

The Project Team

  • Iowa Northland Regional Council of Governments (INRCOG): Kyle Durant and Kevin Blanshan
  • Project Manager: Mark Durbahn, PE from AECOM
  • Principal-In-Charge: Doug Schindel, PE from AECOM
  • Traffic Analysis and Forecasting: Andy Swisher, PE from HR Green
  • Freight Analysis and Forecasting: Steve Wells, Planner from Hg Consult
  • Solution Development and Evaluation: Jerry Shoff, PE from Shoff / CGA
  • Public Involvement: Bryan Earnest, Lori Davis and Robin Frost from Amperage Marketing

The Advisory Committee

  • Iowa DOT: Krista Rostad, District Transportation Planner
  • Black Hawk County: Cathy Nicholas, PE; Ryan Brennan, PE
  • City of Elk Run Heights: Tim Swope, Mayor
  • City of Evansdale: Doug Faas, Mayor
  • City of Raymond: Becky Pint, Councilperson
  • City of Waterloo: Noel Anderson, Director of Planning; Adrienne Miller, Planner

Media Contact:

Lori Davis

Director, Public Relations and Content Strategy

Amperage Marketing & Fundraising


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